HomeCo: Kotara Shopping Centre

Consulting: CX


HomeCo were seeking ways of improving the customer experience at the Kotara Shopping Centre. The solution implemented included reducing misuse of premium parking spaces by commuters and surrounding businesses as well as wayfinding improvements, carpark landscaping and the installation of artwork/seating areas.


• Scope and oversee installation of parking technology to reduce all day parking by non-shoppers.
• Delineation of the areas where applying artwork would provide the most value to the customer shopping experience (i.e. for aesthetic purposes and incorporating it into wayfinding / signage strategy)
• Assessment of opportunities to improve / alter the carparking landscape by increasing the presence of nature while minimising the impact on driver vision
• Insights into elements that could be refreshed for both new and existing seating areas e.g. the use of trees to provide shade and planting barriers to frame each area

Project Outcome

The delivery of enhanced customer experience through improvements to wayfinding, landscaping and design.